Mobile Video Streaming via LiveU

Mobile TV live broadcasting with LiveU-equipment (LU600HEVC and LU500) from and around the world. Inexpensive international roaming. Live stand-up's, interviews, ftp and live transmission. Mobile, portable and fast setup. One or two man LiveU crews, XDCam or P2, optionally ENG and mobile editing on location, LiveU rental with or without LiveU operator. Journalist visa for USA. Upon request, we will send our LiveU with an operator to support your camera crew to any place in the world instantaneously.

Global Coverage

Thanks to our compact equipment and our constant accessibility we are able to broadcast from almost every place in the world quickly and inexpensively.

Our Team

We have been working for German and international TV channels for more than 20 years, are equipped with proven and optimized technology and are always ready for Action. In Addition to the LiveU Transmission, we also offer ENG and mobile editing on location.

We know Berlin, got permanent accreditations for the parliament and the chancellery and a special parking permit.

Ready for you 24/7


Within a very short time, we can do cost-effective live broadcasts for you from almost every place in the world.

Transmission flatrate in the EU and the US.

Opening Hours


We are here:

10627 Berlin
Fon: +49 (0) 171 310 26 85
Fax: +49 (0) 30 327 021 88